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Performance Highlights

FY – 2023

The profit for the year of $348.3 billion represented a growth of 285%, attributable to the increases in ICR, rental income, net fair value gains in investment properties as well as listed equities.

FMHL: FY2023 - Insurance contract revenue: +172%
FMHL: FY2023 - Profit After Tax: +285%
FMHL: FY2023 - Total Assets: +104%

The Group will continue to employ an agile strategy framework to navigate emerging markets risks and utilise group synergies to respond to the macro-economic environment in the pursuit of profitable returns to its stakeholders.

Douglas Hoto, Group Chief Executive Officer

Simbisa Brands

First Mutual Holdings Limited

First Mutual Holdings Limited is a leading financial management group in Zimbabwe offering services in risk management, wealth creation and wealth management in the insurance sector.

The Group has more than a hundred years of serving Zimbabwe by provision of economic dignity though its strategic business units. We have diverse interests in life assurance, health insurance, short term insurance; short term re-insurance; long term re-insurance; wealth management, property sector, funeral services and microfinance housed under the following subsidiaries; First Mutual Life, First Mutual Health, NicozDiamond Insurance, First Mutual Reinsurance, FMRE Property & Casualty (Botswana), First Mutual Wealth Management, First Mutual Properties, First Mutual Funeral Services and First Mutual Microfinance.

Company Information

Registered Name First Mutual Holdings Limited (
ISIN ZW 000 901 219 7
Ticker Code
Sector Insurance
Stock Exchange Zimbabwe Stock Exchange
Chairman Amos R T Manzai
Group Chief Executive Douglas Hoto
Company Secretary Sheila Frances Lorimer
Transfer Secretary First Transfer Secretaries (Pvt) Ltd (zw)
Year End December
Year Founded 1990
Year Listed 2003

3 Reasons to Consider Investing in First Mutual Holdings Limited

Financial Market Leader

A leading financial services group that is committed to creating value through risk management, wealth creation, and wealth management predominantly in the insurance sector

Experience & Diversification

Over a century of serving Zimbabwe through the provision of economic dignity though its strategic business units with interest in short term insurance; short term re-insurance; life assurance; long term re-insurance; as well as the property sector

Looking Beyond Zimbabwe

We examine trends in the African economies with the expectation of developing sub-Saharan opportunities and converting them to increased business for the company using existing group synergies to maximum advantage

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